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Read the report from British submariner and whistleblower Michael McNeilly: Trident whistleblower: nuclear 'disaster waiting to happen' at WikiLeaks.

Trident Fact Sheet
Get all the facts on Trident in Ground Zero Center's recently updated Trident Fact Sheet. The facts will astound you!!! Share it with others.

So you think nuclear submarines are safe?
Our friends at the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament have compiled a lengthy list of (47) major incidents and problems on British nuclear powered submarines, and these are just the ones in the public domain. The only incident that the US Navy has gone public with at the Bangor base is the 2003 missile handling accident (a very serious one at that). Click here to read about the problems that have surfaced with British Trident.

The Trident Archive
U.S. Navy’s Trident II D5 Missile Achieves New Test Flight Reliability Record, Lockheed Martin news release, November 10, 2015

Navy’s Trident II D5 Missile Marks 155 Successful Test Flights, Lockheed Martin news release, February 23, 2015

NUCLEAR WEAPONS SAFETY: THE CASE OF TRIDENT, in Science and Global Security, 1994

TRIDENT MISSILES NEED SAFER DESIGN, STUDY SAYS, Stanford University news release, October 20, 1993 

TRIDENT WARHEAD HAZARDS: CONSIDERATIONS AND CONSEQUENCES, Pacific Life Research Center, Compiled by Bob Aldridge, December 1999

Report to Congress: Assessment of the Safety of U.S. Nuclear Weapons and Related Nuclear Test Requirements, R.E. Kidder, 1991

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